Leisurely Lime Soda

All my posts are starting to sound the same I know. That is part of the beauty of being here it’s all about routine. Up early for practice, and then afternoon music lesson, and then evening Sanskrit. I feel like I am in school. All you need to do is figure out where and at what time you’ll eat. I just came back from the best lunch. I was scheduled to take a cooking class with Anu tomorrow, but it has been postponed until next Thursday. Joy requested that I take detailed notes and lots of pictures. That I will do.

The days are slipping away it feels like any day Mike will be here, and then will be off and out of Mysore making our way to Mumbai.
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2 Responses to Leisurely Lime Soda

  1. jude says:

    Good Morning Jill, beautiful photos. Sometimes routine is the food for the soul. Cooking lessons – I thought Michael is the cook. You will have to share your culinary delights upon your return. Stay safe, healthy and most importantly happy. I LOVE and MISS you. Mom

  2. Mary Jo says:

    The pink flower is just beautiful. They certainly do grow some awesome flowers over there in India. I hope you learn how to cook some delicious Indian food. It will be no time now before Michael is there and you are off for some adventures. Keep the posts coming, they are a delight to read.Love,MJ

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