"Not Lying?"

Today was the first day of practice and it was intense. Sharath is still teaching and the group is so small that there is no hiding. Amy was right behind me today and when she was working on her Bhujapidasana he asked her if she did Marichyasana D properly. She said yes sheepishly and he laughed and asked “not lying?” I felt pretty good today even with the jet lag. Sharath with no problem quickly put me in Suptakurmasana. I must be over thinking that pose. I slept pretty much through the night, but woke up for good at 3am. Which was ok given the fact that our practice time is 5:45am/5:30am “Shala Time.” This morning I took David’s exam from the teaching intensive. I think I did pretty well. It is very quiet here. I talked to Mike for a long time this morning. I can’t wait until he arrives. I am heading back to the Shala to pay the rest of the tuition and to see about Sanskrit class.
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5 Responses to "Not Lying?"

  1. jude says:

    Good Morning Jill, Always happy to see a post – I check every morning. It is a great way to start my day. It sounds as though you never departed from India, everything comes to you so naturally. I’m off to the first day of school. I love you and please stay healthy and safe. mom

  2. Sungopolis says:

    More pictures of Jill and Amy, please.

  3. Jill-e Jill –Ohhh Im so excited for you, how I wish I were there as well. Ah well, next time! I cant wait to hear about the new adventures!!!

  4. Garny LooWho says:

    Hey Jill!I’m so happy to see these posts.Seriously, I can hear your voice perfectly as I read them. It’s likeI’m there with you.

  5. Garny LooWho says:

    Just checked out Suptakurmasana-Wow…amazing posture.Intense.

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