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  1. jude says:

    Dear Jill and Mike, Everyday I look forward to checking for new photos and descriptions of the day. The photos are a feast for the eyes very impressive. You look great and i am looking forward to more details of the adventure of a life time. love mom

  2. jude says:

    GOod Morning Jill and Mike, Have a fun trip this weekend. Looking forward to hearing and viewing all the sights. Stay safe, healthy, and happy. Love mom

  3. Beth Swan says:

    Hi Jill and Mike!Rob and I are really enjoying this—next best thing to joining you in India which we are sorely tempted to do! Tehehe! Very inspirational. I’ve been to yoga every day this week and never felt so sore/good. We’re even inspired to try eating less meat! Enjoy enjoy enjoy! Smell, stretch, dream, taste, touch, and see everything!*hugs*Beth and Rob

  4. Irene says:

    Jill&Mike,I sang “your song” last night in Los Angeles in front of a crowd of hundreds of people, and it was incredible! People were so in love with the song, and I felt so connected to all of them, through your brilliant love story.thank you,it was one of the greatest feelings ever

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